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Savor Salt Lake was founded upon our mutual love of good food, history, travel, and a 10-year friendship that began in Manhattan, where as girlfriends we walked the old city streets discovering new restaurants and amazing food.

Christa Reid

Christa grew up eating everything homemade and didn’t know cakes come in a box until college. She enjoys eating at spots off the beaten path, loves to experiment with new epicurean recipes, has a well-documented love of anything involving fresh herbs or goat cheese, and believes in ice cream.

Whitney Klomp

Whitney was raised on fried chicken, grits, chocolate cake, and southern cooking. She loves creating travel memories through regional food, entertaining friends, and especially loves fine hot chocolate, French macarons, and her dad’s root beer malted shakes.

We both learned from mothers who appreciated gourmet cuisine and taught us that food and learning are central to a happy life and a healthy family bond. We support America’s sustainable farmers and hope to help promote the farm-to-table dining experience that we both love so much. We think memorable food, great company, and good taste should not be mutually exclusive.

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